Skincare with Memphis’ Cara Greenstein

Cara’s journey began with a simple love affair in her kitchen, sparking a creative flame that has since evolved into something truly extraordinary. Her personal brand, Caramelized, not only tantalizes taste buds with creative recipes but also serves as a testament to Cara’s commitment to sharing, celebrating, and elevating everyday experiences here in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. 

As a Memphis native, Cara takes pride in her roots and is passionate about sharing her favorite Memphis establishments that inspire and elevate her daily life. Now, Cara is bringing her unique touch to the world of skincare with the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis and PSG Skincare & Laser Center.

Cara sat down for a candid question and answer session with our expert skincare team as PSG Skincare & Laser Center’s newest skincare partner!

Discover the secrets behind her radiant skin, learn about her favorite skincare rituals, and get a taste of how she seamlessly blends her culinary expertise into the world of beauty. This Q&A is where delicious flavors meet luxurious skincare– it’s a partnership fusion that promises to delight the senses!


Why is skincare health important to you?

Skin health is investing in your skin now, and it pays dividends for a lifetime – literally!


How does quality skincare and a custom treatment plan help you feel confident in your own skin?

PSG’s personalized approach and guidance ensure that this isn’t just a “wait and see” experiment but rather a tested, trusted plan that I know will lead to the results I want.


What does it mean to you to “Feel confident in your own skin?”

To feel naturally beautiful — To not feel the pressure to cover up my face with layers of makeup before walking out the door!


Skincare with Memphis’ Cara Greenstein

What do you feel like you can accomplish when you feel confident in yourself? Explain how confidence shows up in your life and things you do to feel more confident. 

I think confidence comes down to comfort and self-worth. I believe confidence is about recognizing the unique role we each play in our lives and how valuable and transformative that role can be when we own it. This is not about a comparison game to others’ roles or lives — This is about finding comfort in the beauty we have to offer ourselves and those around us.


What things in life make you feel the most empowered (ex., using your voice to speak up for others, rocking a good OOTD, cooking a good meal for your family, etc.)

Serving others — be it with a meal, an idea, or my time.


Skincare with Memphis’ Cara Greenstein

How do you help people in your everyday life feel confident and empowered in their own skin?

Encouragement and motivation to spend just an extra moment to make that day more beautiful or memorable — It can transform your outlook on that day or interaction! That’s my definition of Caramelized.


Any favorite products so far? I know Lulu gave you Mystro and a few other SkinBetter products, so if you love any of those, tell me about them and what results you’ve seen so far.

I am loving SkinBetter’s Mystro in the mornings and Trio at night!


Skincare with Memphis’ Cara Greenstein

Any favorite treatments so far? Tell me about why you like them and what results you’ve seen. 

I appreciate the instant gratification of a Hydrafacial. It’s incredible how clean, pure, and happy your skin feels immediately afterward — and that weirdly satisfying container of dirt and impurities in the machine is proof in the pudding!