Navigating Skincare Excellence with SkinBetter Science

In the world of skincare, where trends come and go, SkinBetter Science stands out to our team of experts for its commitment to scientific innovation and medical-grade excellence. At the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis and its Skincare & Laser Center, we take pride in curating a collection of Skinbetter Science’s transformative products.  

Currently, SkinBetter Science is the fastest-growing professional skincare brand in the United States, and our team is quickly discovering why. SkinBetter Science promises to elevate your skincare routine to new heights. It delivers on this promise by giving your skin real results that are driven by SkinBetter Science’s unmatched technology and clinically studied ingredients.  

When you’re serious about protecting and supporting your skin against premature aging and looking for effective options you want to use every day, look no further than our SkinBetter Science collection. This blog will highlight must-have SkinBetter Science products that we have carefully selected for our clientele, so that they can see and feel the maximum results from their products. 


Mystro Active Balance Serum: Nourishment Unleashed 

Let’s kick things off with a bang – Mystro Active Balance Serum! This powerhouse serum is like a superhero for your skin, working to restore balance and radiance. Packed with potent antioxidants and industry-disrupter skin-renewing ingredients, Mystro goes beyond the surface, addressing the root causes of uneven skin tone and texture.  


Navigating Skincare Excellence with SkinBetter Science


This has been a game-changer for not only patients with redness and Rosacea but also our very own staff. As you incorporate this serum into your routine, get ready to witness a harmonious symphony of vibrant and revitalized skin. This SkinBetter Science product is specially designed to improve visible skin quality by addressing the global appearance of redness, rough skin texture, dullness, pore size and/or uneven pigmentation.


Navigating Skincare Excellence with SkinBetter Science


AlphaRet: The Gold Standard in Retinoid Technology 

For those in pursuit of timeless skin health, AlphaRet is your golden ticket. This advanced retinoid cream combines the power of retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, delivering unparalleled results in the realm of anti-aging. AlphaRet is the latest innovation in retinoid renewal, delivering remarkable results with little to no irritation often experienced with retinol and other retinoid products. You’ll see a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness over time as AlphaRet works its magic overnight.  

This SkinBetter product provides moisture to help counteract the dryness associated with traditional retinoid-based products and combines two gold-standard skin rejuvenation ingredients – a retinoid and an AHA (lactic acid) – joined together to create the revolutionary AlphaRet Technology that minimizes irritation, enhancing satisfaction and experience and has a blend of antioxidants helps neutralize free radicals. 


Navigating Skincare Excellence with SkinBetter Science


Alto Defense: Your Skin’s Shield Against Environmental Stressors 

Your skin deserves a robust defense mechanism in a world filled with environmental stressors. Introducing a cutting-edge antioxidant serum that fortifies your skin against free radicals and environmental damage, Alto Defense. This super-potent antioxidant serum’s formula protects and rejuvenates, leaving your skin prepared to face the challenges of modern life. Think of it as a daily armor for your skin, ensuring it stays resilient and radiant.  

This SkinBetter Science product goes beyond Vitamins C and E to include 17 additional antioxidants, provides broad, comprehensive environmental defense, and neutralizes intrinsic free radicals generated by the skin’s natural aging process. 


Navigating Skincare Excellence with SkinBetter Science


Trio Rebalancing Moisturizer: Hydration Redefined 

Hydration is the key to supple and youthful skin, and Trio Rebalancing Moisturizer takes this to the next level. Because this moisturizer is crafted precisely, it goes beyond basic hydration, balancing your skin’s natural oils and restoring equilibrium. The result? A complexion that exudes luminosity and a newfound confidence in your skin’s health. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a radiant glow that lasts all day with a patented formulation that uniquely brings balance back to dry, aged skin.  

This SkinBetter Science product has a high-performance, triple-action formula that helps to bring moisture and hydration balance back to the skin and supports healthier-looking skin, resulting in improved appearance of skin radiance, suppleness and smoothness. 



sunbetter TONE SMART SPF: Sun Protection, Elevated 

No skincare routine is complete without sun protection, and Skinbetter Science takes it up a notch with sunbetter SPF. This isn’t your ordinary sunscreen – it’s a daily essential that effortlessly blends into your routine, offering broad-spectrum protection with a touch of elegance. This SkinBetter Science product is their highest level of sun protection in a tone-adapting, creamy lotion with a hint of color. Their oil-free, broad-spectrum sunscreen acts as a primer under makeup or in place of a light coverage foundation.   

Our team advocates the importance of medical-grade sunscreen and loves this 100% mineral sunscreen option. It helps prevent sunburn if used as directed with other sun protection measures to decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun. Its patented technology has extraordinary protection against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays that are water resistant for 80 minutes. Bid farewell to the heavy, greasy feel of traditional sunscreens and embrace a lightweight formula that shields your skin without compromising on comfort.



Cleansing Gel: A Refreshing Start to Radiant Skin 

The journey to radiant skin begins with a clean slate, and our Skinbetter Science Cleansing Gel is your passport to a fresh start. This gentle yet effective cleanser sweeps away impurities, leaving your skin primed for the transformative benefits of the products that follow.   

This SkinBetter Science product contains mild, sulfate-free surfactants, a substance that tends to reduce the surface tension of a liquid, increasing its spreading and wetting properties for a skin-soothing blend designed for daily use on all skin types, including compromised or sensitive skin.



Shopping Skincare to Solve Problems 

From combatting signs of aging to tackling issues like uneven skin tone and texture irregularities, our partnership with SkinBetter Science empowers our expert team of providers to offer tailored solutions for each unique skin type.  

Here are some of the most popular skin concerns and issues our patients come to us with looking to solve where our team has recommended SkinBetter Science products:

  • Dryness 
  • Discoloration and sun damage  
  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Large pore size  
  • Redness and Rosacea 
  • Skin sensitivity  
  • Firmness 
  • Loss of collagen and elasticity  
  • Dullness 
  • Texture concerns 
  • Acne and acne scarring 
  • Eye puffiness 
  • Dark under eye circles 




Shop the Best Skincare from the Couch 

Experience the epitome of skincare excellence and ease by exploring our online SkinBetter Science store! With the convenience of digital shopping, you can effortlessly access our team’s curated selection of cutting-edge SkinBetter Science skincare products. The online shopping experience also includes the full line of SkinBetter Science products, special promotions and online-exclusive gifts with purchases.  

Whether you need a restock of your favorites or want to add in a new powerhouse product, our online store ensures that you have access to the latest innovations from SkinBetter Science that can be easily shipped to your front door 24/7, every day of the year.  

It’s never been easier to register for SkinBetter Science’s online shopping experience so your skincare routine never misses a beat. Click here to register for our own online store and begin your SkinBetter savings journey today!  



Step into SkinBetter Science Skin: Your Custom Treatment Plan 

Shopping online is a great option, but our experts always encourage setting up a complimentary consultation to meet in person at our clinic. This consultation is a pivotal step towards achieving your skincare goals because our dedicated professionals are committed to understanding your unique skin needs and concerns, ensuring a personalized approach to your SkinBetter Science skincare routine. 



By coming into our office, you open the door to a collaborative and comprehensive partnership, where our experts can assess your skin firsthand and tailor a SkinBetter Science skincare routine specifically for you. Beyond the tangible benefits of a customized skincare routine, the in-person experience fosters a supportive and informative environment, encouraging open communication and a deeper understanding of your skincare journey.



To book your SkinBetter Science skincare consultation with our expert providers, call 901-756-3838. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on all our SkinBetter Science products!