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The Finishing Touch to Breast Reconstruction

For many people, nipple tattooing is the final step in the breast reconstruction process. If your surgeon removed your nipples during a mastectomy, nipple tattooing in our Memphis office could recreate the nipple area to give you a more natural appearance.

What Is Nipple Tattooing?

Nipple tattoos are real tattoos that a trained tattoo artist designs, draws, and applies to your skin. Your PSG tattooist will use needles to apply pigment to your skin, just like with a regular tattoo. The finished result will be nipples that appear to have physical dimensions but are flat to the touch.

This option has become more popular recently, with more people choosing nipple tattoos over reconstruction to avoid additional surgery while achieving ideal results. However, nipple tattoos can also enhance the appearance after reconstruction for a more natural look.

What to Expect During Nipple Tattooing

After your breast reconstruction, it’s natural to want your areola to match your breasts. During your consultation, your PSG provider will discuss your goals and create a treatment plan to meet them.

Your tattoo artist will measure and outline the nipple area to guarantee natural-looking results before embedding organic pigment into your skin. When we’re finished, you’ll have new, permanent nipples and feel confident in your appearance.

You’ll have an initial consultation with your PSG provider before having your tattoos applied, typically in a single visit about four months after breast reconstruction.

Benefits & Risks of Nipple Tattooing

As with any procedure, nipple tattooing has benefits and risks that you should consider before getting started. It is less invasive than reconstruction, and many believe cosmetic results are better.

A tattoo can also have more intricate details and shading, giving you more realistic results. The color of your tattoos may fade slightly over time, but touchup sessions can help maintain your results long-term.

Risks of the nipple tattooing procedure include infection, allergic reaction, granulomas, and keloid formation. Your PSG team will give you everything you need to aid the healing process and keep you healthy, so as long as you follow your post-care guidelines, you shouldn’t have to worry about these issues.

Learn More about Nipple Tattooing with PSG

Contact Memphis Plastic Surgery Group at our Memphis office to learn more about nipple tattooing and how it can give you the final results you deserve.

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