There are times when rapid weight gain during a woman’s pregnancy combined with the weight loss after a woman gives birth can result in undesirable changes to a woman’s body.

Breasts enlarge during pregnancy and even more so with breastfeeding. After pregnancy and weaning, a woman’s breasts may decrease in size, lose upper pole fullness, and/or droop. Breast rejuvenation can involve a lift, reduction, augmentation or a combination of augmentation with lifting.

Changes to a woman’s abdominal area may involve a bulge from the distraction of the muscles in the abdomen to make room for the growing uterus, stretching of the overlying skin, and increase in localized fat deposits. Restoring the abdomen’s pre-pregnancy contour can involve a tummy tuck with or without liposuction.

The combination of abdominal and breast surgery is commonly referred to as a mommy makeover. Surgeries can either be performed in one setting or in stages, depending on the woman’s wishes and the amount of operating time needed for her procedures.

Surgery is performed as an outpatient with recovery taking 1-2 weeks.