Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body 

The Morpheus8 at the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis (PSG) and PSG Skincare & Laser Center is a cutting-edge radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device that has gained widespread acclaim in the skincare industry and among A-List celebrities for its minimally invasive transformative effects. This revolutionary aesthetic experience promises patients a transformation in appearance and a celebration of their unique beauty as it delivers striking but natural-looking results.  

Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body

Here, we will spotlight how the Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body radiofrequency technology at the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis works, the limitless benefits it can offer, its impact on patient’s lives, and the optimal treatment plan for achieving the best results. 

Understanding Morpheus8 Technology: 

At the center of the Morpheus8 experience are radiofrequency and microneedling technologies designed to interact seamlessly to address and solve various facial and body aesthetic concerns.  

The device has ultrafine, gold-plated microneedles, each purposefully crafted to deliver the deepest and most precise fractional treatments available. These microneedles puncture the skin at meticulously calculated depths to stimulate collagen and elastin production, ushering in a transformative wave of radiofrequency energy to the targeted tissues beneath.  

Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body

Benefits of Morpheus8 Treatment: 

Morpheus8 treatments tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and elevate your complexion, tone, texture, and overall skin health. Here’s a little more information about what it can do for you:

  • Collagen Stimulation: Morpheus8’s ability to stimulate collagen production results in tighter, more youthful-looking skin. Collagen is a crucial protein responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. 
  • Wrinkle Reduction: The precision of the microneedles and the controlled delivery of RF energy target fine lines and wrinkles. Morpheus8 effectively smoothens out wrinkles, giving you a more rejuvenated appearance without the need for invasive procedures. 
  • Texture Improvement: Uneven skin texture, scars, and enlarged pores are addressed with Morpheus8 treatments. The microneedling process promotes skin renewal, creating a smoother and more refined complexion. 
  • Customizable Depths: Morpheus8 allows the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis and PSG Skincare & Laser Center providers to customize the depth of needle penetration, catering to specific concerns and skin types. This adaptability ensures a tailored approach to each patient’s unique needs. 
  • Safe for All Skin Types: Morpheus8’s technology is suitable for all skin types, making it an inclusive option for individuals seeking noninvasive yet effective solutions for their aesthetic concerns.

Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body

 Impact on Patients’ Lives: 

  • Boost in Confidence: Morpheus8 goes beyond physical transformation; it can positively impact your self-esteem and confidence. The noticeable improvement in skin quality often leads to increased confidence and a more positive self-image. 
  • Minimal Downtime: Unlike traditional surgical procedures, Morpheus8 boasts minimal downtime. You can resume your daily activities shortly after the treatment, making it convenient even for busy schedules. 
  • Long-Lasting Results: The collagen stimulation induced by Morpheus8 offers long-lasting results. You can enjoy the benefits of smoother, tighter skin for an extended period, contributing to a sustained improvement in your overall quality of life. 

Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body

The Best Treatment Plan for Optimal Results: 

Achieving the best results with Morpheus8 requires a thoughtful and personalized treatment plan. The expert providers at the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis and PSG Skincare & Laser Center work with you to curate a custom Morpheus8 treatment plan that includes: 

  • A Consultation and Assessment: A thorough consultation is essential. Your PSG provider will evaluate your skin’s condition, discuss expectations, and tailor the treatment plan accordingly. 
  • Multiple Sessions: The number of Morpheus8 sessions needed depends on individual goals and the severity of the concerns. A series of sessions spaced a few weeks apart is typically recommended for optimal results. 
  • Combination Therapies: Combining Morpheus8 with other complementary treatments, such as laser therapies or injectables, may enhance overall results. The practitioner will advise on the best combination based on your specific goals. 
  • Post-Treatment Care: Following the recommended post-treatment care instructions is crucial for your safety and results. These instructions may include avoiding sun exposure, using gentle skincare products, and attending follow-up appointments as advised. 

Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body

Morpheus8 for Body: 

Morpheus8 Body is specifically designed for deep fractional coagulation of subcutaneous tissue. Coagulation refers to the process of blood clotting or thickening, and subcutaneous tissue is the layer of tissue located beneath the skin. This innovative treatment provides an impressive depth of up to 8mm, achieved with a thermal profile of 7mm and an additional heat profile of 1mm. 

The meticulous design of the Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body ensures a thorough and targeted approach to sculpting the body, addressing a spectrum of concerns with unparalleled precision. Whether seeking skin tightening, cellulite reduction, or contour refinement, Morpheus8 Body, guided by the expert hands at Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis, promises transformative and natural-looking results that exceed expectations. 

What’s the Difference of Morpheus8 for Face vs. Morpheus8 Body: 

While both Morpheus8 Face and Body share the foundation of microneedling and radiofrequency, their application and depth of treatment vary, reflecting the tailored approach Morpheus8 embodies for distinct areas of face and body aesthetic enhancement. These nuances underscore the sophistication of Morpheus8 technology at the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis and PSG Skincare & Laser Center, offering a versatile and comprehensive solution for diverse aesthetic concerns on both facial and body surfaces. 

Morpheus8 Face and Morpheus8 Body


Meet Your PSG Skincare & Laser Center Morpehus8 Team: 

Allyn Farmer and Heather Draper are two of 2023’s Top 10% of all Morpheus8 providers in North America! We’re happy to have them at PSG.

As board-certified physician assistants, Allyn and Heather bring a wealth of expertise, having undergone rigorous training and met stringent standards to achieve certification. Patients under the care of Allyn and Heather experience the pinnacle of Morpheus8 results – tightened skin, diminished wrinkles, and an overall rejuvenated complexion.  

Their commitment to excellence, coupled with their board-certified status, guarantees that each treatment is not merely a procedure but a personalized journey toward radiant skin and confidence. 

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