Are You A Good Candidate For Plastic Surgery?

As popular as plastic surgery is, it’s not as simple as deciding on a procedure, ticking a few boxes, then setting up an appointment. Every patient we see here  at Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis is unique, and each one has their own reasons for reaching out to our team. They also come with their own specific set of questions, concerns, and limitations. In fact, there are some critical aspects that each prospective patient needs to examine before determining if they are a good candidate for plastic surgery! We’ll be taking a closer look at some of these below, so keep reading to learn more if plastic surgery could be a good fit for you

What is your major motivation for wanting plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is a significant investment of your time, finances, and emotions. Before making any decisions, you should take a moment to assess why you want it and whether your expectations are realistic. Most people undergo these procedures to improve their self-confidence or to feel better about themselves in general. It’s important to be honest with yourself about why you want to change a particular area of your body. Remember that plastic surgery can’t cure relationship troubles, completely reverse the aging process, or get you hired at the job of your dreams. What it can do is boost your self-confidence and help you embrace the beauty you already possess!  

Are you in good health? 

Before undergoing any type of surgery, you should be in the best physical health you can be. Prior to your visit with us, we ask that you take the time to fill out the intake package on our website, which will ask you to outline any current health concerns you have. This will be the starting point for our team to gather the information we need on your present health, health history, current medications, allergies, and any other issues we should be aware of before planning your procedure. This knowledge allows your surgeon to create a customized treatment plan that takes each aspect of your case into consideration.  

If you have any of the following health problems, you may need medical evaluation and clearance prior to plastic surgery. 

  • Heart disease 
  • Lung disease
  • Diabetes 
  • Obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Bleeding and clotting disorder
  • Severe allergies 
  • Autoimmune disease

These conditions can increase the risk of complications, including infection, improper wound healing, and difficulties with anesthesia. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can carry some of the same risks. Your surgeon will discuss this with you during your consultation. 

Are You A Good Candidate For Plastic Surgery?

Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

A balanced diet and established exercise routine can reduce surgical risks, assist in postoperative recovery, and ensure optimal results. If you’ve been contemplating plastic surgery, a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle can help prevent infection, speed up your recovery, and improve the outcome of your procedure. For example, a diet that is dense in protein and nutrients will strengthen your immune system and assist your body in healing better and faster following surgery. In general, patients who are at a healthy weight, get regular exercise, don’t smoke, and are emotionally stable tend to have the best plastic surgery experiences. 

Do you have realistic expectations?

We never want to minimize the ability our talented surgeons have to help patients reach their cosmetic goals! It is important, however, that you maintain realistic expectations about your surgery. Before the procedure takes place, your surgeon will speak with you at great length about what to expect and what the ideal outcome will be. While our doctors are able to translate your vision into tangible results, the best candidates for plastic surgery are those who are looking to refresh their natural appearance. 

Improving your candidacy for plastic surgery 

You may be wondering if there’s any way to improve your candidacy for plastic surgery if you’re currently not a good fit for certain procedures. If you have what we call “improvable factors,” you can often become a good candidate! A good example is someone who may be considered a poor candidate for plastic surgery due to obesity. If they are able to lose weight and attain a BMI that falls out of the obese category and into the overweight one, they may then be considered a good candidate for the procedure they desire. Your surgeon will be able to explain improvable factors in greater detail during your consultation in our Memphis office.

Are You A Good Candidate For Plastic Surgery?

Find out if plastic surgery is right for you with a consultation at PSG

There are several important factors to take into consideration when determining if a patient is a good candidate for plastic surgery. When you schedule an in-person consultation with our practice, each of these factors will be explored and discussed in detail. 

At Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis, all of our doctors are board-certified or board-eligible, and have a history of exceptional long-term results. We understand that choosing plastic surgery of any kind is a very personal decision, and we’ve created a welcoming environment to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all our patients. 

Whatever your reason for contacting us, speaking with one of our surgeons can help you better understand if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery. To learn more about the surgical options that are available to you, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’re committed to helping you feel comfortable, confident, and empowered by our care!