What Your Face Says About You

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Seeking advice from fortunetellers is very popular in South Korea with 70% of respondents in a 2012 survey revealing that they sought or plan to seek such advice. A popular form of fortune telling is called “Face Reading” or physiognomy, a practice that has been around for centuries.

Lately, however, face readers are having trouble because of a popular trend in South Korea. That country leads the world in cosmetic surgery per capita (the US is number 6). New noses and the absence of wrinkles are complicating the work of face readers.

The Wall Street Journal quoted face reader Park Sung-jun who complained, “It’s like they are wearing a mask. If someone comes to me who’s had a lot of plastic surgery, I can’t read their face.” Mr. Park examines client’s faces to predict their earning potential, career, and romantic prospects.

Is Facial Rejuvenation in Your Future?


The Plastic Surgery Group offers several facial treatments that can fool your face reader. ResurFX ™ by Lumenis is a fractional non-ablative laser treatment that stimulates collagen and elastin production. After 3-5 treatments spaced 4-5 weeks apart, fine wrinkles are reduced. Unlike older carbon dioxide ablative lasers, there is no down time and no healing time. Mild pinkness and swelling may be present after treatments, but resolves in several hours.

Other signs of facial skin aging that can be treated include brown spots and “broken” capillaries. The face reader, Mr. Park, says that plastic surgery cannot change a person’s fortune. Wealth and fortune aside, treatments at our Laser and Skin Care Center may help you fool people about your age, make you feel better about yourself, and confuse your face reader.