Signs You Should Consider Breast Reduction

At the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis, we know that the topic of breast reduction can be a stressful and embarrassing consideration for many women. But it shouldn’t be! 

In fact, did you know that over five hundred thousand breast reductions are performed in the United States and around the world each year? It’s true! 

But what exactly is a breast reduction? What does it entail? And how do I know if I would be a good candidate? 

We’ve compiled some helpful info below, including signs that you should consider a breast reduction. Read on to learn more!

What is a Breast Reduction? 

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to reduce the size of the breasts. The goal of the surgery is to create breasts that are smaller, more proportionate to the body, and more comfortable for the patient.

The surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and can take between 2-5 hours, depending on the extent of the procedure. Your surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and remove excess tissue, fat, and skin. The nipples are often repositioned to create a more natural appearance, and the areolas may also be reduced in size. The incisions are then closed with sutures, and the breasts are wrapped in a special surgical bra to support the healing process.

What is the recovery process like? 

After breast reduction surgery, the recovery process involves several stages. The first week requires rest and wearing a compression garment. In the second week, you may feel more comfortable and can resume light activities. In the following weeks, you can gradually resume normal activities. It can take several months for the swelling to subside and the scars to fade. Following your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions is important.

Who is a good candidate for breast reduction surgery? 

If you’re considering a breast reduction, chances are you have some pretty compelling reasons! However, many times here at the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis, we’ve found that patients might be unsure about a procedure like this. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of the most common reasons why someone might consider a breast reduction below: 

#1 – Chronic Pain and Discomfort

By far the most common reason why a patient might seek a breast reduction, large breasts can cause a variety of physical discomforts, including back, neck, and shoulder pain. The weight of the breasts can also lead to headaches, poor posture, and nerve pain. If you are experiencing chronic pain and discomfort due to your breast size, breast reduction surgery may provide relief.

Signs You Should Consider Breast Reduction#2 – Skin Irritation and Rashes

The skin beneath the breasts can become irritated and develop rashes due to the constant rubbing and chafing that occurs when the breasts are too large. This can lead to skin infections and other complications. If you are experiencing skin irritation and rashes beneath your breasts, breast reduction surgery may be necessary to eliminate these symptoms.

# 3 – Difficulty Exercising

Large breasts can make it challenging to exercise comfortably. High-impact activities like running and jumping can be uncomfortable or even painful. This can make it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle, which can have negative impacts on your overall health and well-being. If you find it challenging to exercise due to your breast size, breast reduction surgery may help you get back to a more active lifestyle.

#4 –Emotional Distress

It’s not uncommon for some women with large breasts to report emotional distress related to their breast size. This can lead to low self-esteem, social anxiety, and depression. If you are experiencing emotional distress due to your breast size, breast reduction surgery may help improve your self-confidence and overall quality of life.

#5 – Difficulty Finding Clothes That Fit

Women with large breasts often have difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. Shirts and dresses may be too tight in the chest area, while bras may be uncomfortable and unsupportive. If you are having difficulty finding clothes that fit due to your breast size, breast reduction surgery may help you find clothes that fit properly and feel more comfortable.

#6 – Disproportionate Breast Size

Some women have breasts that are disproportionately large in relation to their body size. This can make it difficult to find clothing that fits well and can cause physical discomfort. If you have disproportionately large breasts, breast reduction surgery may help you achieve a more balanced and proportionate breast size.

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