One Spot, Two Spots, Red Spot, Blue Spot

memphis skin care | skin care procedures | plastic surgery group of memphisMany of us develop spots on our skin that we do not like. Here at the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis, we have non-surgical skin care treatments available to remove these blemishes leaving no (or virtually no) trace. Before we talk about treatment though, let’s go over the different types of spots that might appear on your skin.

Cherry Angiomas


Red spots, called cherry angiomas, are benign, flat or slightly raised growths that appear primarily on the trunk of your body. They may appear alone or in multiples, and cherry angiomas have a tendency to run in families.

Venous Lakes and Spider Veins


Blue spots, called venous lakes, are dilated superficial veins. Spider veins (telangiectasias) are thread-like dilated capillaries or small veins. Facial telangiectasias are often associated with a condition called rosacea.



Brown spots, called lentigos, are commonly known as freckles. Freckles run in families and usually increase in number in response to sun exposure.

Skin Care Treatments Available


Our skin care experts here at the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis can address any of these spots with the Lumenis Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This device functions similarly to a laser, but has broader applications because it contains multiple wavelengths. It is as if there were multiple lasers in one box. The laser nurse selects the wavelength that targets the color of the spot to be treated by inserting a specific filter into the hand piece.

Schedule a Skin Care Consultation


To schedule a consultation, call (901) 756-3838. Remember – spots are for leopards- so shed your spots today!