Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

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Both women and men have areas on their bodies where they would rather not have hair grow. Options for hair removal include waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams – all of which provide only temporary results.

There are two treatments that can offer permanent results: electrolysis and laser. Both treatments provide permanence by disabling hair follicles preventing hair regrowth. Electrolysis works by providing an electric shock one hair follicle at a time.

This painful method is preferable when there are only a few stray hairs or when the hairs are white or gray. When an area has many hairs that have color (blond, brown, red, or black), lasers are the most efficient and effective treatment.

What is Hair Reduction?


Before we proceed we need an explanation of terminology. The FDA uses the term “permanent hair reduction” instead of “permanent hair removal” because lasers can disable only those hair follicles that are in the early growth phase called anagen. Since only about 1/3 of hairs in any area are in anagen at any one time, multiple treatments are needed.

It is possible in some patients that in spite of a course of treatments, there may still be a hair or two that regrows – hence the term reduction rather than removal.

So how does laser hair reduction work? The hair shaft absorbs the light of a specific wavelength causing heating of the hair follicle. Skin contains two substances that compete with the hair to absorb the laser light: skin color (melanin) and blood (hemoglobin).

Memphis Laser Hair Reduction


The Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis has just acquired a hair reduction laser, the LightSheer by Lumenis that manages the “competition”. The LightSheer hand piece gently draws up and stretches the skin. This draws the hair follicle closer to the light source, temporarily reduces the concentration of melanin contain cells, temporarily pushes hemoglobin out from under the skin surface, all while providing light anesthesia.

The large size of the hand piece allows faster treatment. For additional information regarding the lasers, click here for the Lumenis website.

Men and women of all skin tones can have laser hair reduction using the lasers available at the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis. The speed and minimal discomfort of the LightSheer permits many areas to be treated that previously were not options, such as men’s backs and beards, and women’s underarms and bikini areas.

If you want to break free from the routine of shaving and waxing, make an appointment for a laser hair reduction consult today.