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Perhaps as a result of grooming practices or availabilities of images on the internet, woman are more attuned to the appearance of their external genitalia.  Proportions between the labia majora (external lips) and the labia minora (inner lips) can be modified by either adding fat to the labia majora or removing tissue from the labia minora.  Techniques for minora reduction include wedge removal or edge trim and are individualized depending on the woman’s particular anatomy,


Mons Elevation


The position of the entire mons can be lifted as an independent procedure or in conjunction with a tummy tuck.


Vaginal Tightening


Surveys indicate that 50% of women who have had vaginal delivery of children feel they have lost muscle tone at the entrance to the vagina (introitus).  Dr. Ellis Tavin and Dr. Linda Smiley (gynecology) are using their 12 years of working together on vulvar /vaginal reconstruction to offer an outpatient procedure to tighten the vaginal introitus.  Patients will be seen by both doctors at the Plastic Surgery Group office to evaluate if they are candidates for the surgery.  Surgery is performed as an outpatient under general anesthesia.  Intercourse may be resumed in 6-8 weeks after surgery.