Beach Body with PSG

Summer is here at The Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis, and beach season is too! The warm sun, the sound of crashing waves, and the feel of sand beneath your toes make it an ideal time to hit the beach, but before you grab your sandals and head to the shore, you might wonder how to feel beach-body ready. 

We know it can be frustrating to have your ideal body goals just out of reach, but don’t worry – the team at PSG is here to help. With the right outlook and team of experts behind you, your ideal beach body is just around the corner. Read on, and we can teach you more about some practical tips and insights to incorporate into your routine. 

It’s All About Health 

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that maintaining perspective is the most important thing regarding body and image. That’s why we stress health and wellness at PSG as the motivating force behind our work. It’s your body. Everything should cultivate a feeling of joy and acceptance around how you look and feel. 

Start With Your Consultation 

Your health is always the top priority. Scheduling a consultation with one of our board-certified surgeons is the best way to get started on the beach body of your dreams! We can discuss your goals, questions, and concerns and decide on a treatment plan. Our surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and are highly accredited experts ready to help you find the right treatment for your needs. 

Talk About Options 

During your consultation, you can look into the various options for your body goals. The Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis has a wide range of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatment options ready to arm you with your best summer look possible. Check out a few of our most popular treatments.


Mommy Makeover 

We understand that post-pregnancy recovery varies across different body areas, which can be frustrating when beach season approaches. It’s common to notice lingering fat deposits, as well as stretched skin. A mommy makeover combines multiple procedures, such as breast lifts, augmentations, reductions, tummy tucks, and liposuction, to provide a total treatment plan tailored to address your specific needs and restore your confidence. 


Tummy Tuck 

When exercise and diet alone aren’t working to trim your waistline, it’s always an option to consider a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. This surgical technique thoroughly removes excess fat and skin on your abdomen and precise contouring of the waist and hips. Our expert surgeons offer a range of options, including traditional, mini, fleur-de-lis and extended tummy tucks, ensuring you get the best results for your unique requirements. Whatever you need, we’re ready to provide you with it. 

Breast Lift 

If your goal is to regain a perkier position for your breasts, you may need a breast lift procedure. This innovative mastopexy technique precisely elevates and reshapes your existing breast and nipple tissue, reviving your appearance. 

While a breast lift can absolutely stand alone as a transformative treatment, combining it with a breast augmentation can be a more comprehensive approach to delivering natural, age-defying results. No matter what, you will love how you feel with this safe, effective, and simple process.


Unwanted pockets of stubborn fat can leave you feeling self-conscious, especially when it’s time to hit the beach. Our safe and effective liposuction procedures offer a customizable fat-removal process that allows us to contour various body areas artistically, sculpting the look you desire. We can pair this versatile technique with other cosmetic procedures or use it as a stand-alone solution. Either way, you’re guaranteed exceptional outcomes that will leave you feeling confident and ready to shine at the beach, in the office, and everywhere in between!


Breast Augmentation 

Experience the transformative power of traditional breast augmentation! Our expertise lies in offering an extensive selection of implant manufacturers, shapes, sizes, and materials, ensuring a personalized augmentation that aligns with your goals. Breast augmentation can reverse lost breast volume or enhance breast size for those with naturally slimmer figures. The techniques of our amazing Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis surgeons will deliver that fuller, firmer, and more proportionate bikini cup size you’ve been picturing for your summer getaway.


Body Contouring 

Say goodbye to stubborn pockets of localized fat and sagging, deflated skin with our exclusive body contouring procedures. Our specialized techniques redefine your body contours while also working to tighten underlying tissue and skin, revealing your most beautiful shape. You will be amazed by how we can sculpt and redefine your physique, ensuring a striking appearance that turns heads wherever you go. Our new innovative technology of BodyTite, AccuTite, FaceTite and Morpheus 8 are radiofrequency devices made to tighten your skin and melt fat either alone or in addition to liposuction. 

Combining Treatments 

Unlock the true potential of your summer body by considering a combination of our transformative treatments. By strategically pairing different techniques, we can accentuate your natural silhouette and create a personalized process that specifically caters to your goals. You can trust the expertise of our renowned surgeons to guide you in choosing the right blend of procedures to heighten your overall appearance and bring your beach-body dreams to life.


Beach Body with PSG

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