Axillary Breast Removal

It can be challenging to achieve the contours you want for your body sometimes. Even with a healthy lifestyle, you may have stubborn pockets of fat that feel impossible to eliminate with diet and exercise. Excess fat in the armpit and bra-line areas is especially difficult to remove naturally, interrupting your natural curves and reducing the confidence you have in your body. This can be doubly frustrating when you’ve worked so hard to achieve the look you want! 

Here at Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis, we’re proud to offer the Axillary Breast Removal procedure to patients who wish to safely and successfully remove this extra breast tissue that has developed outside of the normal breast. But what causes this axillary breast tissue to begin with? Let’s take a closer look at this issue, and how our treatment can leave you with the smooth silhouette you desire! Keep reading below to learn more. 

The basics behind axillary breast tissue

Breast tissue is responsible for the shape and size of your breasts, but it can sometimes develop beyond the breasts themselves. Axillary breast tissue is more than an extra pad of fat. It is actual glandular breast tissue. This is particularly common in the area of your armpits, which is also known as the axilla. Medical studies have shown that this kind of axillary breast tissue can occur in anywhere from 2% to 6% of women. Because axillary breast tissue is often hereditary, it rarely responds to healthy changes in diet or exercise. 

Most people who have axillary breast tissue dislike how it looks. It can make the affected area appear lumpy, especially when the arms are down at the sides. Cosmetic appearance isn’t the only concern, however. Because excess breast tissue is thicker and more palpable, it can be more noticeable than other fatty areas. This can be particularly irritating before menstruating or throughout pregnancy, since the axillary breast area can swell and feel more sensitive, just like the breasts do. The extra tissue can also cause soreness. Weight gain can worsen the issue. 

How the Axillary Breast Removal procedure works

Depending on how much axillary breast tissue is present, our doctors will be able to use liposuction or excision to help reshape the axillary or armpit contour. If little correction is required, liposuction will usually be sufficient for removing the excess fat. If more extensive correction is required, we can remove the tissue with incisions. 

Axillary Breast Removal is an outpatient procedure. Depending on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, it can be done under local or general anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours on average. Minimal incisions will be made within the armpit fold. These can measure mere millimeters if liposuction is used, and will only be a little bigger if excision is required. Through these incisions, excess tissue will be removed using the preferred technique. The incision is then closed and dressed.

Because our practice takes a conservative and nuanced approach to this procedure, you can expect a relatively quick and straightforward recovery. Our surgeons take care to make minimal incisions that are well-hidden within the natural folds of the armpit, so scarring is mild. 

Post-operative swelling should begin to subside within 2 weeks, and most patients will be able to resume normal activities like work and school after a week or so. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for 3-4 weeks after the procedure is completed, however. We provide patients with a compression dressing to help contour the treated area as it heals. Following Axillary Breast Removal surgery, patients will enjoy benefits such as:

  • elimination of undesirable contours in the underarm area
  • improved mobility of the arms
  • less irritation caused by clothing
  • improved appearance, especially in sleeveless tops or dresses
  • improved self-confidence 
  • long-lasting, natural-looking results

Axillary Breast Removal

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If you’ve been battling excess fat in your armpit area or along your bra-line, the Axillary Breast Removal procedure can give you the smooth curves you’ve been looking for! Get in touch today to schedule your consultation