Aftercare for a Breast Augmentation

You made sure to do your research on the different options for your breast augmentation, from the type of implant to your trusted provider at Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis. You even made sure to review the new FDA checklist for breast implants to have all your bases covered in preparation for your surgery. Now let’s not forget to brush up on the aftercare for your breast augmentation!

Your recovery for a breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, shouldn’t be rushed to ensure you are back to living your best life with little to no complications to slow you down later. There are specific guidelines to follow, and you will receive instructions detailed to your procedure that will need to be followed closely. Let’s look at how you can take care of yourself after your breast augmentation.

Immediately After a Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is typically a simple outpatient procedure that takes no more than an hour or two and is performed with the patient under general anesthesia. As the anesthesia wears off, you will begin to feel sore and tight around your surgical areas. This sensation is normal and to be expected. It will likely be accompanied by some swelling, bruising, and other discomfort, which can be alleviated by taking your prescribed pain medications. 

It is a good idea to have a family member or friend available to be with you and assist you with simple tasks immediately following your surgery. Your only focus should be to rest and heal, so having someone there to grab your water bottle and a snack or even entertain you a bit can make a significant difference in your overall healing timeline. 

24-Hour Breast Augmentation Recovery

Many doctors are now ascribing to the latest research in breast augmentation recovery showing that managing the muscle swelling and spasming can significantly reduce the pain and time that recovery can usually elicit. This method also allows for using ibuprofen to manage any pain and muscle relaxers for spasms instead of the typical narcotics that are traditionally prescribed. These medications, combined with staying active but cautious the day of surgery, will allow your body to adjust easier. 

Our physicians who recommend the 24-Hour Breast Augmentation Recovery ascribe to the following regimen. Unlike the traditional recovery recommendations of limiting arm movements and using tightly wrapped bandages, with 24-hour breast augmentation recovery, incisions are secured with skin glue and covered with a clear tape bandaid. You are instructed to begin basic arm lift exercises before leaving the surgery center and need to repeat the exercise five times every hour while awake for five days. 

Once home, we instruct you to take a prompt two-hour nap. Your body does a lot of healing while asleep, but sleeping too long can cause added soreness. When you wake, have a small sugary meal while avoiding diet and energy drinks, and take your prescribed ibuprofen. At this point, you will take a full twenty-minute shower to loosen muscle tension. Following the shower, you will complete your arm raise exercise again. 

Now that you feel a bit better, it is time to get out of the house. Going out to dinner and then for a light walk, like going shopping, can help distract you from your healing, and the motion of swinging your arms while walking increases blood flow to reduce your swelling. Make sure not to overdo it and to take your ibuprofen before bed.

The First Few Days After Surgery

If you utilize the 24-hour recovery method, take it slow getting out of bed the morning after your surgery. Have a carbonated beverage with a small snack and your ibuprofen. Wait a bit and then take a shower and get ready for the day. Plan to get out of the house again for a bit but expect to tire out and take a short nap. You can do light things around the house but no heavy lifting or raising your heart rate over 100. 

After a couple of days, and following your surgeon’s post-op instructions for a traditional recovery, you will be able to remove bandages and take a warm shower, which will help with the discomfort. Remember to stay hydrated and eat well to encourage your best healing outcome. Your recovery is our top priority at this point, so reach out to your provider or a member of our expert team for any concerns you may have!

Aftercare for a Breast Augmentation

Weeks 2-4 Following a Breast Augmentation

By this point in your breast augmentation recovery, you are likely back to your day-to-day activities with minimal swelling or bruising to mind. While you are feeling better, it is best to check with your provider before you resume your full exercise routine, as your body is still doing some significant healing and adjusting internally. 

Wearing underwire bras during this time is not recommended, and continue to keep strenuous upper body activity to a minimum as you adjust to your new shape and feel.  You will start to see a better idea of what your final results will look like during this period, but keep in mind that your body will continue to heal and adjust for the next few months. 

The Months After Breast Augmentation 

In the months following your surgery, all swelling and bruising will go away as the muscles and tissue underneath heal and adjust to your augmentation. Your scars will lighten and fade, and you will notice only subtle changes as your implants settle into their final shape and your body gets used to them over the next six to twelve months. 

While this is considered major surgery and the recovery can be intimidating to look towards, the confidence and satisfaction in your personal results will be worth the patient and persistent aftercare. Be sure to check in with your provider at Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis for any concerns you may have along the way.


Aftercare for a Breast Augmentation

Appreciate Your Aftercare with Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis

Your time is valuable, and so is your body. So, it is even more important to take it slow and steady during your recovery. We know you have plenty to do, but be considerate of the expectations. Consider the amount of effort required for a task, how you are currently feeling, and what your recovery has been like before you take action. 

It won’t be long before you are back in full swing of things again, so putting in the time and effort on your aftercare for a breast augmentation can save you lots of time and discomfort later. If you have any questions or concerns during your aftercare process, feel free to contact our office!