SculpSure Taking The Nation By Storm

With coverage ranging from the New York Times to E! News, SculpSure is taking the nation by storm!

In case you’ve missed out on our excitement over being one of the first and only locations in Memphis to offer SculpSure technology, here’s a brief rundown on why this cutting-edge procedure is fast becoming a patient favorite.

What SculpSure can do for you

sculpsure before and afterSculpSure can help you safely reduce stubborn fat in common problem areas like the belly and love handles by targeting fat cells under the skin with precision, resulting in impressive results in as little as six weeks. Since SculpSure is non-invasive, there’s no surgery to recover from, and its innovative body contouring technology can destroy those fat calls in just 25 minutes without affecting the surface of the skin.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure targets, disrupts, and melts fat cells under the skin. The damaged cells are absorbed, and over a few weeks, your body removes the melted fat. By applying the patented SculpSure applicator over the desired treatment area, we’re able to treat larger areas, as well as areas that are flat or convex. Because the applicators are flexible and non-suctioning, SculpSure is significantly more comfortable than other treatments. It’s such an easy procedure that it can even be done on your lunch break!

Is SculpSure right for you?

SculpSure is ideally suited for patients who struggle with stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen and flanks (love handles) who have a BMI of less than 30. It’s also an ideal choice for patients who don’t want (or can’t have) surgery or any recovery downtime.  Most patients feel nothing more than a slight warming sensation, making this a well-tolerated treatment for those with a low pain tolerance or fear of painful procedures. Since melted fat is easier for the body to remove,  SculpSure leaves less deep-tissue scarring than other treatments. As a matter of fact, SculpSure can even help smooth out irregular areas left over from previous liposuction procedures.

Who’s talking about SculpSure?


The New York Daily News covered SculpSure in 2015, back when the FDA first approved the procedure, calling it a ” high-tech, FDA-approved machine that melts fat with a laser” and stating it “could be the next great tool in the battle of the bulge.” Dr. Mitchell Chasin, medical director of Reflections Center for Skin and Body in Livingston, N.J., was quoted as saying, “This is probably going to be the biggest change in treatment in fat reduction in the last decade,” comparing its potential to that of laser lipo. Dr. Chasin also discussed the benefits of SculpSure in a segment on Fox5NY.

CBS News did both a video and a written segment about the FDA approval of SculpSure, calling it an “alternative to liposuction for patients who want to get rid of stubborn fat around the belly, hips and thighs.” They also spoke to Dr. Bruce Katz, a dermatologist who was a part of the SculpSure clinical trial and currently uses it at his New York City practice, who referred to it as “the first laser we’re using to melt fat.”

Cosmetic Surgery Times spoke with Dr. Lawrence Bass, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York City who was a lead investigator in one of two FDA studies for SculpSure. Dr. Bass has completed over one hundred SculpSure cases in various clinical studies for Cynosure, and praised the versatility of the procedure, noting that “With SculpSure’s four separate applicator heads, I can treat multiple areas at once. Or I can adjust the pattern or arrangement of how I place the four heads, depending on where the patient needs it.”

E! News got in on the action, filming a brief segment discussing the exciting benefits of SculpSure, and the procedure has a big fan in Real Housewives of New York star Kyle Richards, who has been publicly singing the praises of SculpSure for some time now. She’s talked to People magazine,, and Bravo about her experience with it, raving that “It literally is so easy!” Richards has also noted that SculpSure is painless and feels similar to a heating pad. She’s even claimed that she wants to “do my entire body from head to toe!”

memphis plastic surgery sculpsure

SculpSure in Memphis

With SculpSure gaining attention across the country, the Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis is thrilled to be one of the first and only local providers of SculpSure technology. If you find that you’re struggling with stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t seem to shift, get in touch with us today for a SculpSure consultation. We have a team of trained providers on hand to talk with you about all the benefits this procedure has to offer, and whether it’s a good match for you. Call today, or click here to set up your consultation, and join in the growing number of people getting great results with SculpSure!