Thigh Lift


You are a candidate for a thigh lift if the skin of your inner thigh is thin and loosely stretched. Liposuction is often combined with a thigh lift to remove the fat making the cylindrical shape of the leg smaller. Like and arm lift, you have to confirm whether you have enough extra skin to make a visible scar worth it, because if excess skin extends beyond the upper 1/3 of the leg, a scar will show down the inside of the thigh.


Skin and fat are removed from the inner aspect of the leg and the skin is closed leaving a scar up the inside of the leg.


This is the hardest of all body contouring procedures to recover from.  Blood vessels are larger in the thigh than other body parts. As a result, recovery involves swelling and takes about 4-6 weeks. Risks such as bleeding or chronic swelling are higher with a thigh lift than other procedures. As with the other procedures, garments and occasionally drains are used to help with this.

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