A facelift treats the part of the face from the cheekbone to the base of the throat. The scars are hidden in front of and behind the ears. What is done during surgery is tailored to the specific need of your face and neck, and can involve some liposuction and muscle tightening, as well as skin excision.

Day lifts are advertised to have little down time but are not as involved as a full facelift, usually just cutting out some skin in front of the ear. In a full facelift the skin is lifted off the muscles of the face so it can be repositioned and the pull of these muscles changed which help define the neck and jawline as well as lift the cheeks.

A full facelift is a major undertaking with a down time proportionate to the amount of work done, but in the neighborhood of 10 days.

I do this procedure under general anesthesia because I think this is less stressful for both of us.

Most patients don’t want to publicize the fact that they have had a facelift and that is why I don’t have before and after pictures online.

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