All About SculpSure

Here at Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis, we regularly hear from patients who are feeling frustrated by their lack of progress when it comes to losing fat. Many are eating well and exercising regularly, but simply can’t seem to budge those stubborn lumps and bumps around the tummy, thighs, hips, and bottom. While liposuction is often an option for these areas, there’s also a non-invasive approach available. Sculpsure requires no surgery, no downtime, and offers beautiful results! Keep reading below to learn more about this popular procedure. 

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a convenient body contouring treatment that uses cutting-edge technology to target fat cells under the skin. It utilizes laser energy to heat the fat cells up and melt them away. This precision targeting reduces fat in significantly less time than other treatments, and because it’s non-invasive, there’s no recovery time to contend with, either!

How does SculpSure work? 

SculpSure causes a process called apoptosis to occur. The laser targets fat cells and gently heats them until they begin to shrink. These disrupted cells are then expelled naturally through the body’s lymphatic system as waste. This happens over a period of a few weeks, after which you’ll see a permanent reduction in those persistent pockets of body fat.

The procedure itself is incredibly simple. Our expert providers use flexible, non-suctioning applicators to treat the desired areas, including larger areas and those that are flat or convex. Because the tissue isn’t being suctioned into a device, SculpSure is significantly more comfortable than other treatments.

The technology is clinically proven and safe. The SculpSure device is hands-free and features a flexible applicator system, which allows for the treatment of multiple areas of the body using: 

  • a flat, non-suction applicator designed for consistent results
  • non-invasive 25-minute treatment
  • a simple and efficient attachment system

Is SculpSure permanent?

SculpSure is classified as a permanent fat-reduction treatment. Clinical studies have shown that it can help destroy up to 25% of fat cells in the treated area. The best results are seen when the patient receives two to three sessions in the same area, and improvement is often noticed as soon as six weeks after treatment. Further definition will be achieved over the following six weeks. After the treatment is complete, those fat cells do not regenerate. 

That doesn’t mean patients can toss their healthy recipes and exercise regimes to curb, though! SculpSure doesn’t affect caloric intake or the body’s ability to gain weight. Putting on pounds after SculpSure treatment can diminish results because the remaining fat cells will still increase in size. 

Permanent fat reduction after SculpSure must be maintained with a balanced lifestyle. That includes eating nutritious food in the correct portions, moving the body regularly, getting enough sleep, and generally working towards good overall health. 

All About SculpSure

Who is an ideal candidate for SculpSure?

While SculpSure can be an excellent option for fat reduction, it’s important that patients go into it with realistic expectations. This procedure won’t replicate the dramatic results that come from liposuction and other surgical procedures, and won’t be suitable for everyone. 

SculpSure is ideal for patients:

  • with a BMI of less than 30 who leads an active lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet
  • who have stubborn fat deposits in areas like the abdomen or flanks
  • who want to aesthetically improve the appearance of those areas 
  • who do not want or can’t have surgery and the associated downtime for recovery

Most SculpSure patients tolerate the procedure well, and report feeling nothing more than a slight warming sensation as the applicators are applied. That makes it a great choice for those who have a lower pain tolerance or a fear of painful procedures. 

For patients who worry about scarring, SculpSure leaves less deep-tissue scarring than other treatments. This is down to melted fat being easier for the body to remove than frozen fat, which is how many other non-invasive methods work. It can even help improve irregular areas left over from previous liposuction procedures!

Even though SculpSure is a non-invasive treatment, you should consult a trusted physician prior to treatment if you have a serious or minor medical or health condition. Pregnant women cannot safely be treated with SculpSure.

Get the shape you want with Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis

SculpSure has become a firm favorite among our patients, thanks to its innovative technology, fast results, and zero recovery time. The simple and effective attachment system means one treatment can take less than 30 minutes, so it can even be done on a lunch break or day off. It’s no wonder there’s such a high demand for this procedure among our patients!

Plastic Surgery Group of Memphis was one of the first offices in this area to offer SculpSure technology, and our team is very experienced with the procedure. If you’d like to learn more about this exciting option, we’d love to talk with you about all the benefits it has to offer! Call today to set up a consultation and take the first step towards transforming your lumps and bumps into the shape you desire.